09 June 2009

Exercise has many advantages for our body. To be healthy, exercise becomes an obligation thing you must do. Exercise also often use to losing weight and of course for beauty. Positive effects of exercise will be shown on your skin. Healthy and fresh skin of course will increase your beauty.

Skin health and beauty is wish of each woman. Many beauty products used to make skin healthier, pretty and smooth. Some women deceive their skin to be look younger by using make up. Besides, a healthy diet also support the skin beauty and health. There are some people use traditional method like using chocolate and strawberry. But, from all of this method, don't ever forget to exercise. What is the advantage of exercise for your skin?

Help to take out free radical inside your body
Smoke, air pollution or chemical substance on beauty product had a negative effect to our skin. Free radical make your skin damage, wrinkle and spotting. By exercising, the toxin inside out body can be removed. Well blood circulation cause distribution of nutrients for skin can be absorb maximally and can help to move out all toxin inside the skin.

Stimulate production of collagen
Collagen is filler substance of skin cell which make skin tough and tight. Getting along in years, the production if collagen getting more descended which make skin drying and wrinkle. Production if collagen can be stimulated by doing some exercise regularly. It because your skin cell will get oxygen and distribution of nutrients is better, then make your skin shining and warped.

Prevent acne
Exercise helps you to control the production of DHEA and DHT hormone which stimulate acne. The other cause of acne is stress. When you stress, hormone is stimulated and make more acne. Research shows that stress can be reduce if you exercise regularly so that acne will not appears.

Reduce cellulite
Cellulite is happen because the braiding of fibroblast pulled out and produce fat pouch. Ordinary, cellulite resides on the bottom, back of the hips or arm and make your skin looks like orange peel. Cellulite annoys your performance. When you're exercising, your body doing a reform process and your muscle get stretching. In this way, your existed cellulite can be removed.


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