03 June 2009

Lip is one part of your face. Sensual and healthy lips will support your face beauty. So, health of your lips should be keep. Common problem on lips is dry and crockery lips. Of course this will destructive your prettiness. Crockery lip is easy to draw blood and cause you feel pain. If it’s not be cured, it will be infected. For women, crockery lips make lipstick doesn’t stick well, make her confidence and performance descent.

That’s why, we should know what is the cause of dry and crockery lips? And how to prevent dry and crockery lips?

The cause is :
  • Air pollution and dust
  • Dramatic temperature alteration, make lips hard to adapt, make lips crockery
  • Consume too sour or too salt food
  • Smoking, consumption of coffee or alcoholic drink
  • Lack consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Lack drink water
  • Applying cosmetics which contains hard chemical substance or allergy to certain cosmetics
  • Tooth paste contains too much detergent
  • Bad habit : Lick lips with saliva
After you recognized the cause of dry and crockery lips, you should do some preventive action so your confidence still high. There are several things you can do to prevent dry and crockery lips :

· Use lipbalm contains with sunscreen and moisturizer
Sunlight is one of the causes of dry lips so using sunscreen on the lips is very important. So does moisturizer which needed to keep the moisture of lips keep occur when you do your daily activities.

· Choose appropriate lipstick and also contains moisturizer
When you buy cosmetics, you should see the contain and ingredients. Better you choose cosmetics or lipstick contains emollient, nature ingredients and also moisturizer.

· Wet your lips when you feel dry with water
Don’t wet your lips with saliva, because in saliva contains gland and enzyme which can irritate lips and make your lips even worse. Just wet your lips with water while you drink a glass of water.

· Drink 8 glass of water everyday
It can prevent you from dehydration which can cause your lips dry.

· Wipe and clean your lips from the remain lipstick before sleep
The remains lipstick on the lips can be clean up using soft tooth brush and lip scrub. Brush lips with circle movement for couple of minutes. You can also use soft towel merged into warm water to clean the lips.

· Consume lots of fruits and vegetables
You can pick fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, B, E and mineral. Water contain in the lips also can help you avoided from dehydration.

· Stay away from unhealthy life style :smoking and alcohol drink
Chemical substance in the cigarette can stain your lips, make your lips black. While alcohol make lips dehydrated and dry.

· Apply lips moisturizer at night before sleep
You can use lips moisturizer or honey as natural moisturizer. It gives you nutrients on the lips.

· Massage the lips using olive oil
Massage helps you to smooth your blood circulation and make your lips keep healthy. You also can use olive oil while you massage the lips.

By knowing the cause of dryness and crockery lips and how to prevent it, sure you’ll be more pay attention to your little organ on your face. Then, beautiful and charming face will be yours.


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