13 July 2009

28 Happiest Moment For Women

Researchers found that women feel really confidence and joyful with their love life and their body shape before 30 years old.

That age also a period of their love when they can enjoy the best of sex, but that moment was not long because when she entering the 30 age, they start to feel worry they getting old and have many wrinkle and gray hair.

A spokesman from Clairol Perfect 10 (coloring hair product) which doing a research to 4,000 women, said: "Everything in it life reach the top at one point, and being almost 30 years old in your life is not bad at all now”.

"28 has been establishes as a moment when woman hair is at its best condition, her body in its best performance, and the confidence in top level.”

"Safe job, steady income, having relationship and strong friendship can help you to create perfect point in out life when all of those things come in.”

"Reach and pass 20 is not anymore as trigger of performance and confidence descent. Set aside for a moment from your bustle to treat yourself and use beauty product can help you keep young and having the best performance."

A survey from 25-65 years old women has been recorded that age when women feel satisfied is at the 12 areas keys of their life.

According to a research, women feel happiest in their carrier at 29 and feel satisfied in their love relationship a year after, 30. But, all that not gone after pass the 30 because women feel really satisfied with their financial at 33 and be in peaceful in household life and family in 32.

That research found that 2 of 3 women feel they getting old faster than man, and all women who follow this survey scoring their self 5 of 10. Also known that 56% women worry about their falling hair getting along in years.

Treat your self for beauty using beauty product also not an easy way and not cheap. Averagely, woman spends $800 a year or more than $70 each month to buy beauty product to be look young.

Researchers also found that woman spend more than five days each year to do beauty treatment routinely, 22 minutes each day.

Psychologist, Corinne Sweet also add: "Having a beautiful hair is very important for carrier and relationship because many women still think that their hair is the crown of their glory.

"A woman has six days of bad hair day in a month, everything she will do to prettify their hair at home, in a short time with guarantee result means big improvement in hair beauty, confidence and self esteem.

"This could make women feel their in controlled situation in their life, although modern life challenge always there."