10 August 2009

Loveable Nails

FootNail foot can be cramped if you wear unfit shoes especially the smaller size. This will make the growth of the nails impaired. If the top of the nail touch the top of the shoe, your nail will be easily broke, torn, become black and dry. In fact it can cause infection especially the side part.

Just like your other part of body, treat your nail feet should be done regularly.

NailsWear fit and right size of shoes. Besides, don’t forget to give it moisturizer because dry nails can easily tore and dull. You also can’t wear no shoes on your feet because fungus and virus can spread out and make your feet smell really bad.

One more thing, don’t use or share the same nail cutter with other person lain, because nail cutter can spread germ or microbe. So, have your own nail cutter.