19 May 2011

If you want to be healthy then eat healthy foods as well. Similarly, the beauty of your skin. radiates from what you consume. If you want more beautiful skin, then eat some of this food intake.

1. Almond
Do you think almonds are the nuts? Well, you are wrong, almond was seed group and taste delicious to eat. Almonds are rich in vitamin E as an antioxidant for the skin is stronger when scourged pollution and sun. Some women who had consumed almonds regularly, their skin is more resistant to UV rays than those who do not eat the almonds altogether.

2. Canned Tuna
Canned tuna contains selenium which can make skin elasticity awake. Also high antioxidant and helps your skin against the heat of the sun.

3. Carrots
Carrots are rich in vitamin A. In addition to making eyes bright, vitamin A is needed to regenerate skin cells become better and suppress cancer cell growth.

4. Dark Chocolate
Instead of dark chocolate is a panacea for the skin because it contains isoflavones and antioxidants that can create texture and elasticity of skin for the better. Maybe you should think again, is it true chocolate makes you fat and acne.

5. Cereals
Whatever the type, the seeds proved to contain omega 3 and iron to create skin and body become high vitality. Wrinkles will be away from you who diligently consume grain.

6. Green Tea
Very great effect resulting from this green tea leaf. Besides the skin becomes silky smooth and awake from free radicals, green tea can also be a treatment of the disease.

7. Safflower Oil
Safflower Oil is one species of medicinal plants. Safflower contains omega-6 are capable of reducing skin problems like allergies, scars and spots caused by sun (sun spots). Safflower can also burn your calories as much as 5 to 10%.

8. Spinach
Eat spinach every day because the spinach will make difficult the cancer cells grow and spread. In addition, your skin is not easily wrinkled though no longer young age.

9. Sweet potato
Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C which will smooth the skin and prevent you from wrinkles. Vitamin C is one of the ingredients to form collagen and automated useful for your skin elasticity.

10. Tomatoes
Tomato contain lycopene, a high and when you took it, his face became radiant with Blushing pink around your cheek. Tomatoes can also be an anti-aging that make your skin more like a young teenager.


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