16 May 2011

Every woman definitely concerned about her breast health, but women often forget is breast beauty, whether it is the beauty of shapes, sizes and colors. The beauty of the breast is very important. Not only could make men interested, but also provide high confidence in you. Beautiful breasts make you can wear all kind of clothes, especially bikini.

The beauty of the breast can be obtained with a variety of ways. There are taking certain drugs either synthetic or herbs that are believed to raise and compact it. There is also a rub with a special cream to make it look tight. The most extreme is to plastic surgery to get their best shape.

Various ways are certainly not prohibited, provided done correctly. When you take medicine to enlarge and make dense breasts, look for drugs that have been registered in public health and clinical tested by regulatory agencies of food and medicine. If you choose a cream, read the rules of wearing them. Similarly, when the operation of choice, of course you have to be prepared mentally, physically, the costs are not cheap and long-term adverse effects could be occurred.

Though, there is a more effective, safer, more leverage will the results obtained and cheaper costs. Natural breasts treatment without surgery certainly much safer and enjoyable though requires a process and time is not short. Believe me, patience will produce extraordinary results. What are these ways?

Any sport in principle the same, eliminating the calories, increase stamina, accelerate metabolism and strengthens the entire network of muscles, not to mention the existing muscle tissue in your breast, which over time will make it taut.

Alcohol can make the working organs of the body reduced. Blood flow becomes smooth and muscles become stiff. Instead, you should try red or white wine because it can make good organ function to walk through the nature of the sour grapes and warm.

Breast Massage
You can perform breast self-massage without having to go to beauty clinic to do so. How? using warm essential oils (can be a mixture of sandalwood and cinnamon) and start from the shoulder and shoulder blade so that the tension or stress disappear. Then begin to slowly massage your breast towards the continued direction for 15 times out for 15 times. Perform this massage on a regular basis, three times a week. After that you can immediately take a bath with warm water for a smooth blood circulation.

The Bra
Use an appropriate bra. Despite wanting to be beautiful breasts and tight, does not mean you are using a push-up bra one number less than your actual size. This only will make the breasts become sore and red because that is too tight Roller Stay. Stay wear a bra with cup and circle the appropriate due to a good bra will make your breasts become more comfortable.

Take A Rest
Take enough rest. Maybe you are wondering, what beautiful breasts and tight relationship with enough sleep? Breasts are part of the body. If the body fatigue, all its parts, too tired. The eyes become puffy, dull skin, pale face is not healthy, breast, too, feel the stress so that your metabolism will run improperly. If this happens, over time, your breasts will become loose and fall.

The Areola
Give attention to the breasts should be extra careful. The skin covering the breast was more tender than other skin areas. Moreover, the skin around the nipple (areola). This skin is softer than also more sensitive and easily irritated.

Pink areola becoming the extra point for you also as main attraction. To treat this section, it turns out you are prohibited from anoint with bath soap, and rubbing them too hard. Use lavender or sweet almond oil to keep the humidity at the same time make it look healthy and pink.

Breast Mask
Use a breast mask. Try searching for breast mask in stores cosmetics with the basic ingredients of rice flour that could tighten, smooth the skin, beautify and reduce stretch mark on your breast.

When about to give a mask, lie down with the supine position. Previously you had to clean the breast with warm water. Masks do not need to cover the nipples because of different skin conditions. After the mask dries, rinse with warm water followed by cold water as he patted gently with 2 fingers.


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