17 May 2011

Stretch Mark Treatment After delivery
What happens to your skin after giving birth? Sagging and stretch marks! Although you have your skin care during pregnancy and prevent it by wearing stretch mark cream would still exist right? Of course this problem should be addressed.
There are several treatment options you can pick either naturally (traditional) and modern (via surgery).

Traditional treatment. 

Lime and Whiting Concoction
Combine lemon juice with a teaspoon tip of betel leaf becomes viscous liquid, and then rubbed smooth thin on the stomach (be careful if too thick will be hot and burn the skin). This can be done 2 times a day after bathing. Also, now available ready-made lemon for treatment like this.

Ground Coffee Recipe
1. Prepare the coffee dregs of black powder, then rub gently on the body that have stretch marks.
2. Massage gently for 5 minutes.
3. Wrap the part that had been scrubbed by wrapping it with a special plastic (can be purchased from supermarkets is usually used to cover the food), leave for 15 minutes until dry.
4. Clean the remainder of remaining coffee powder, and wash with warm towels.
5. Perform this routine treatment for 2 times a week to maximize results.

Laser Surgery
After the baby is born, you can use laser surgery to remove the white line with a laser beam. Although relatively minor action, you should still do consulting your physician first.
Laser therapy is relatively new and provides satisfactory results for people who wish to fade or reduce their stretch marks. This treatment works by stimulating the production of new collagen deep in the dermis. The goal is to fill in the damaged area of skin with new skin. As technology improves, the results are expected to as well. Laser therapy has few side effects and is reported to be only mildly uncomfortable. However, since this is a cosmetic procedure, insurance companies are unlikely to cover the cost of treatment. Additionally, patients should expect to undergo several sessions of laser treatment before noticing results.

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