17 May 2011

Stretching Skin During Pregnancy 

In the case of pregnancy, fetal growth is the main cause of stretch marks because of the damage to the skin collagen and enlarged blood vessels that look red purple color as early signs. This phenomenon happened many times so that it can result in loss of production of melanin producing melanocyte can lead to scarring of white or hypo Pigmented scars. Eventually it will change color to white, as a sign has been the formation of new tissue, which has a color different from the original skin color.

Nearly 90 percent of pregnant women experience stretch marks. Stretch marks usually appear in 4-5 months of gestation. In pregnant women, stretch marks commonly appear on the breasts, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arm wall inside and out. Appearance of stretch marks are usually accompanied by intense itching in the affected area. Scars are usually reduced, fade and then disappear after a few months of birth. But not infrequently, this stretch also cause tears in tissue under the skin. If you have this, it's hard strokes disappear.
As for some of the triggers of stretch marks, among others:

1. Genetic factors. When parents have stretch marks there is a possibility you will also experience the same thing.
2. The use of corticosteroid drugs will continuously affect the occurrence of stretch marks.
3. Lack of fluids or nutrients, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and is unable to stretch along the growth of the body of the pregnant women.

Women of white ethnicity is more at risk than black women, because the levels of melanin pigment in the black a lot more that could be expected to reduce the risk of stretch marks. Moisture, elasticity and skin health in determining the occurrence of stretch marks.

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