17 May 2011

Not a few women complain about stretch marks after giving birth. Yes, except not comfortable in your body, your appearance was also look bad. Although can not be eliminated 100 percent, its presence can be minimized with early skin care.
Stretch marks form when the skin stretch, tearing that occurs deep in the skin appear in the form of stretch marks, in the form of thin red lines. Stretch marks can appear anywhere, but most often seen in the abdominal area, thighs, and arms.

How does Stretch Mark could arise?
Medically, stretch marks called ‘striae'. Stretch marks result from stretching the skin in a short time and elastic tissue beneath it rip . Stretch marks not only occur in pregnant women. However, female adolescents or even male can also get stretch marks during periods of rapid growth. Similarly, people who experience an increase or decrease in body weight significantly. In addition, there are a number of specific medical conditions that can cause stretch marks.
The appearance of stretch marks marked with reddish streaks or lines on the skin surface resulting from stretching the skin so the skin loses its elasticity. Over time the color will change to white lines.

Skin consists of three layers, namely a top layer of the epidermis, the middle layer of the dermis, and the third or innermost layer subcutaneous. Well, the appearance of stretch marks is very influential with the dermis layer, because this layer serves to support the skin, and keeping it smooth.

This layer, composed of elastic tissue that makes skin can stretch the body needs. But if the growing body in a short time, such as during pregnancy, these fibers will weaken and eventually rupture due to skin thinning. Therefore, the appearance of stretch marks is marked by the spread of blood vessels through the dermis layer of the epidermal skin layer thinning.

Prevent Stretch Mark
Here are some ways that can be done to prevent stretch marks:

Cocoa butter
Cocoa butter has been used to prevent the formation of stretch marks for years. However, recent studies in the medical literature shows, cocoa butter does not show better results and just a placebo in preventing stretch marks.

Retin-A prescription is a cream which was originally developed to combat acne. Over the years, its use began to be developed, including to address wrinkles and repairing stretch marks.

Studies show, Retin-A is able to reduce stretch marks, but can cause irritation. Do not use Retin-A if you are pregnant, because the cream is potentially toxic to the fetus.

Powerful laser procedures remove stretch marks without the pain too. However, take a few sessions and that does not cost less for each treatment. In addition, pregnant women are also not allowed to undergo this procedure.

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