11 May 2011

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid has been used centuries for health and beauty. Vitamin C consumed not only consumed, but also topical and injection. Many beauty clinics provides treatment using vitamin C to solve problems on skin and usually the price is high. Sometimes, they offer vitamin C injection for direct and sudden improvement for skin beauty. Well, of course, this will costs you lots of money and you have to the clinics in regular period.

Both clinical studies and some users have seen positive results in vitamin C-treated skin, however. Before applying the vitamin C facial cream, the face should be clean of makeup, sweat, and dirt for the product to be most effective.

Now many beauty products containing vitamin C as serum, especially in the form of creams, lotions and gels. Vitamin C was originally used in skin care products in the form of ascorbic acid. At a 10% concentration and low ph, ascorbic acid has been shown to stimulate collagen, decrease wrinkle depth and have lightening effects on pigmentation. Vitamin C serum will combat and protect you against the harmful effects of Sun, work to fight free radicals with its potent antioxidant as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

It was thought that a minimum 10% concentration was required but newer information indicate that lower concentration (5%) may have benefit. When looking to purchase a Vitamin C Serum it is necessary to pay close attention to the concentration of vitamin C contained in the product. READ THE LABEL!!!Be very cautious when looking at most lotions as they have such a small amount of vitamin c so they can merely claim it is in the product that in the end will offer little to no benefit to your skin. You cannot judge from the prestige or price of the product you buy, you need to look at the concentrations.

Vitamin C does not work in everyone For reasons that are not yet known, Ascorbic Acid at a good concentration does not work in everyone. It may only be 60% of the population who get the age reversing benefits of vitamin C. Some people who do not respond to Ascorbic Acid however still get anti-aging benefits from the newer vitamin C derivatives. Vitamin C, however is a potent antioxidant and you still should get the benefits of protection from UV induced cell damage even if it does not keep you looking younger.

Why Vitamin C Serum Very Expensive?
Serums can be very expensive due to the fact that vitamin c (ascorbic acid) is very difficult to formulate because of it instability. A good stable vitamin C serum will give you added stimulation for collagen cell formation which will result in a more youthful appearance due to reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it will in fact work to replenish your skin with all the necessary ingredients that are caused by exposure to the environment, stress and poor diet. Overall Vitamin C serum packs a powerful punch for the skin

You also should aware with your Vitamin C face serum or cream if it had colored changed. That’s mean your Vitamin C oxidized before you get to put it on your skin. The biggest problem with Ascorbic Acid creams and serums is that because they are unstable, they are oxidized very quickly and once it is oxidized it does not provide any benefit to the skin at all, even caused more damage to your skin.

Watch for yellowing of your serum- it indicates oxidation As it undergoes oxidation the ascorbic acid takes on a yellowish tinge, so it is important to check your creams or serums before you put them on your face, and if there is any yellow discoloration, throw it away.

I suggest you not to buy vitamin C preparations that are tinted yellow or orange. Many vitamin C serums are tinted and you will not be not be able to detect if it is oxidized by visual checking.
Vitamin C derivatives are more stable, less expensive and effective at lower concentrations There are newer derivatives of Vitamin C: Ascorbyl palmitate, Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, and some of these are proving as effective as ascorbic acid in collagen stimulation. Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate if particularly promising, and seems to work in some people who are resistant to Ascorbic Acid.

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