03 June 2011

MANY ways to be beautiful Women's done. Some people simply rely on Cosmetic to be looks beautiful. However, many also use modern drugs, not even plastic surgery. When it’s not satisfactory manner, there is one option, that is full-blooded Face.

Full-blooded face actually is part of full-blooded Therapy that has been practiced in China since several centuries ago. Blood blooded done in certain way of doing massage in the whole body so enabling the circulation of blood flow.

Over time, blood full-blooded technique not only used for healthy body, but continue to be developed so that now can be used to focus on facial beauty.

Full-blooded face is done by giving massage with special techniques on face by activating an aura of facial points. The pressure makes blood flow more smoothly in the face so the face looks fresh and smooth. Bioenergy flowed through the pressure on your fingers all over face and other body parts. That energy will flow following the 14 meridians that connect your vital organs throughout the body. Meridian contained in the body which lies on the surface of 1365 points, which is also known as acupuncture points,

The process of full-blooded face: first, face will be cleaned of dirt before using cleaning agents face. After that, the face gently massaged so that feels very comfortable.

Full Blooded Tips
- should be performed for a minimum age 17 years.
- Do not do it if the face acne.
- after having full-blooded face, wait for seven days, then you can do it Again
- Ask The Experts've experienced to perform full-blooded on your face

Benefits of full-blooded Faces:

For Beauty:
  • Blood circulation on face
  • Reduce the appearance of spots and preventing or curing acne
  • tighten and smooth the skin Face
  • Preventing the emergence of the cause early aging wrinkles, and reduce wrinkles
  • Make a Face Looks fresher and younger
  • Establish contour Face
  • Decrease the Great Cheek
  • make sharp nose
  • whiten or brighten skin
  • Decrease pores

For Health:
  • Helps to control appetite
  • Relieve sinusitis and colds
  • Relieves headaches and migraines
  • Relieves stiff including eye area to reduce eye minus.

Optimal results of full-blooded face will be visible at least after 5 times therapy.


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