30 September 2011

How to Whiten Dark Underarms Quickly and Easily Way

1. Prevention
  • In order for your armpits is not black, the first step is to avoid the cause. Dermatologists recommend preventive measures, including wet or moisten skin before shaving. Do not pluck your armpit hairs. Remove hair by waxing or sugaring method is recommended. This method can also lift dead skin cells underneath. If you have an allergy to deodorant, stop its use.
  • Avoid using deodorants that contain alcohol. It is better to use powdered alum.
  • Wear cotton underwear. This is to avoid scratches in the skin friction causes armpit.
  • Select and use an antifungal powder compared antiprespirant.

2. Professional care
When your armpits are black because of other reasons outside of pregnancy, the best step is to visit your dermatologist. You need an expert to find out what is causing your armpits darken and most effective way to whiten it.

Stripping (peeling) is one treatment that is usually performed by a dermatologist. In therapy, the outer layer of skin armpit removed / peeled. After that, you have to put bleach in the armpit every night at home.

Some people simply using bleach alone at home without going through stripping. It is not recommended by dermatologist because it is less effective. In addition, the type of bleach that are prescribed by a dermatologist usually more robust and suitable to your needs than are available freely on the market.

3. Natural care
There are certain home remedies that can eliminate or at least diminish the black underarm. If you want to use cheap natural whitening, you can use raw papaya or orange juice. Beside rich in vitamin C, the ingredients can work to control sweating and regenerate the skin. But, use with caution as they may irritate the skin of some women:
  • Take a papaya that is not too ripe, then scrape it until smooth. Apply grated on your armpits after every shower and leave for a while, then rinse with clean water. Unique nature and content of papaya makes it a natural bleach.
  • Slice the lemon, discard the seeds. Rub into each armpit every time you shower. Then rinse with clean water after several minutes. For better effect, you can mix the lemon slices with powdered alum and honey. Alum, as we know, is a natural skin whitener.
  • Alternatively, you can squeeze orange juice. Mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Combine all three to make a paste. Apply the paste on your underarms a mask and rinse after 20 minutes.
  • Rub soda powder to underarms after a shower.
  • Clean and massage the armpits with coconut oil.
  • Rub the armpit using vitamin E oil
  • Rub paste mixture of rose water and sandalwood powder to your underarms. This method is declared effective disguise the color black in the armpit.

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The Main Causes of Dark Underarms

Having dark underarm is really killing your confidence, especially if you want to wear a sleeveless shirt and raise a hand. Surely this will disrupt you and not good to look at instead.

Before you eliminate it, you should know some condition that caused it, the scratches caused by a blouse that is too tight pressing of the skin, excessive sweating, infection due to fault clearing armpits, shave, the buildup of dead skin cells, chemicals, alcohol and strong fragrance in deodorants.

Repeal and Shaving
Research has proven that pulling and shave the hair or underarm hair is a major cause of black underarms. Underarm skin is very thin and sensitive, for it every time you shave or pluck the armpit would cause micro abrasions. This wound will make the dark skin after recovery. You may not realize this, but you try to pour alcohol on your underarms after plucking or shaving. Your underarm skin definitely feels burning pain due to blisters.

Shaving underarm hair can also cause hair follicles to grow, so that your underarm skin becomes rough like chicken. Meanwhile, pull them out will attract the roots of the hair, leaving broken and swollen.

After giving birth, the skin in the armpits and other body parts like the neck, abdomen, and hips can be dark. This is normal because the activity of hormones in your body while pregnant allows the release of too much melanin (brown pigment that determines skin color) so that the skin in several parts of the body is experiencing hyperpigmentation or black. Hyperpigmentation can not be avoided, but generally will disappear within a few months after giving birth.

Use of Deodorant
Some deodorants that contain alcohol will cause skin allergies, irritation resulting in hyperpigmentation, which resulted in black armpit area. Therefore, you should be more selective in choosing a deodorant.


Obesity can also lead to armpit blackened, pigmentation is caused due to obesity worsens and causes some parts of the body such as neck, back of knees and blackened.

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14 September 2011

Best Skin Care With High Technology (Part II)

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6. Novaplus
New technology combination between infra-red with intense pulse light for anti-aging. In addition, novaplus also used for hair removal.

7. Radio-Derm
Therapy technique using a radio frequency wave 300Khz mainly used for skin tightening.

8. MTS (Microneedle terapy System)
Is a new technology using dermaroller which is a cylindrical device which on the whole surface there is a micro needles.

Treatment with dermaroller able to stimulate the regeneration of the skin and stimulate collagen growth in the skin layer, so as to solve problems such as pockmarked skin, large pores and fine wrinkles on the skin.

9. Laser
Laser is the one word stands for: Light Amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation. Laser is an advanced technology and modern developments. The laser is safe because the laser works with the principle of Selective Very Photothermolysis (VSP), namely the destruction of target cells due to thermal effects because the target cells absorb laser light. So, the principle of laser light wavelength used should correspond to the absorption spectrum of the intended target cells.

a. Non-ablative collagen remodeling Laser
The laser is to accelerate the formation of new collagen by fibroblast cells (cells forming collagen). These lasers can be used for anti-aging treatment.

b. Laser Peeling
Laser peeling are primarily for the treatment of large pores, oily skin, and melasma. This is a technique with a combination of NdYag 1064 nm laser, Q-Switch and carbon lotion.

c. Laser resurfacing
Lasers are used for minor surgery such as removing moles, keratosis, etc..
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d. Laser pigment
Used to remove birthmarks, tattoos and keloids.

e. Erbium YAG Laser
Laser is to reduce the pockmarked / deep scarring.

10. Botox
Botox is not permanent therapy for Dynamic wrinkles / Muscle Wrinkle (wrinkles that occur during activity)

11. Filler
Therapies to treat the wrinkles by injecting a special formula into the skin.

12. Stem Cell Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy is a therapy using a mixture of peptide and protein extracts taken from a cultured human fat cells, which contain collagen, growth factors, and antioxidants. This treatment works to reduce wrinkles, anti aging, skin and enlightenment.

Best Skin Care With High Technology (Part I)

Development of technology in medicine today is also comparable with technology developments in beauty. There are so many types of skin care that can be done periodically in the clinic. Kind also varied and tailored to the types of experiences to your skin. Here are the different types of skin care using the latest technology and sophisticated that you can choose.

1. Facial
Skin treatment treated by beautician for relaxation, circulation, and cleanse skin of blackheads.

2. Chemical Peeling
Chemical peeling is basically an exfoliation process using chemicals, which will lead to changes in the upper skin layer (epidermis) and lower skin layer (dermis).vv

Chemical peels can improve the skin through three mechanisms:
  • stimulate the growth of epidermal cell layers
  • eliminate the deeper layers of skin that have abnormalities
  • stimulate new collagen formation after the inflammatory process that accompanies the act of chemical peels
3. Photo Dynamic Therapy (Activated Light Therapy)
Light Activated Therapy / LAT used for anti-aging, enlightenment, and reduce wrinkles is Infra Red LAT and Red LAT. Meanwhile, to cope with acne can use the LAT Blue.

4. Abrassion
a. Microdermabrassion
Is an old technique that uses aluminum oxide crystals to peeling. With this tool can smooth the skin or reduce pockmarked.
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b. Jet peel
Peeling is a new technique that does not use crystal, but by using high pressure oxygen and water (physiological saline), with a speed of 200 m / sec. Jet peel used for enlightenment and oxygenation of the skin.

5. Mesotherapy
Medical action is to inject a number of special materials with mesogun. Depending on the materials used, this can Mesotherapy for anti-aging, smooths skin texture, diluting the black stain, enlightenment, and firming skin.
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13 September 2011

Beauty With Technology : MESOTHERAPY

Mesotherapy is medical action to inject a number of special materials with concentrations of the drug or a liquid, and is also a painless injection technique for the circulation of body fluids, lymphatic system, even on the body's immune system using mesogun. Depending on the materials used, Mesotherapy can be used as / for:

  • Anti-aging
  • smooths skin texture
  • diluting the black spot
  • enlightenment
  • skin tightening.
  • slimming or body contouring
  • skin rejuvenation
  • treatment of baldness and hair loss
  • reducing cellulite and weight,
  • mesolift especially for neck and facial skin that has been loosened
  • treat patients suffering from muscle stiffness, insomnia, stress, infections, osteoarthritis
Mesotherapy treatments require 5-15 times. The number of treatments depends on the condition and needs of patients. It could only once have felt the outcome of patient care.

Mesotherapy Procedure 

 Mesogun or Mesotherapy Injection Gun

Mesotherapy does not require anesthesia and surgery risk involved. Mesotherapy works directly on cellulite and smooths the skin surface. Mesotherapy is done by injecting a liquid homeopathic and pharmacological like vitamin C into the skin where the fluid used could also be a mixture of various active substances, vitamins, amino acids according to the choice of doctor. This liquid mixture is known as a mixed cocktail. Mesotherapy safety is more secure, because it does not use a regular needle. The tool used to inject using mesogun with stopper set with LCD computer so it does not hurt. It also set the number of injections and how many cc per injection.

Because mesotherapy does not involve operation, recovery time are also absent. Even mesotherapy can be done at lunch-time because the process is very fast. Mesotherapy also removes the fat from the body's fat cells without damaging the cells. Mesotherapy can also be used as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction for a small fatty areas like the upper thighs, abdomen and neck.

In addition, mesotherapy targets specific areas. The fluid is injected to help the circulation of fluids in the body and smoothing lymphatic system. The results are also more durable. If the patient is also on a diet and regular exercise, cellulite treatments can survive immersion for 6 months to a year, depending on the condition of each individual.

Mesotherapy Side Effects
Side effects of mesotherapy may include pain during injection and also a bit of bruising which will disappear within a week.

Mesotherapy Treatment Results
After 10 times of injection, can be reduced from six to 12 cm. Weight loss varies from four to 15 kg. All depends on the motivation and the patient's lifestyle. One visit can reduce waist circumference 2-3 cm.

Mesotherapy : The Best Treatment for Cellulite

What makes cellulite? Connective tissue that holds skin, dent the fat and therefore cause the effect of "dimpling or wavy", causing cellulite. Drugs used in Mesotherapy destroy the connective tissue bands and melt the trapped fats, resulting in the appearance of free waves and smooth. ARC treatment using multiple small injections into the fat layer of the elements that have proven fat solvent, either Carnitine or Phosphatidyl choline. Injection using the smallest needle on the market, given in the form of the grid so that for an area like the upper thigh takes about 20 small injections.
 Mesotherapy : Cocktail injection for Cellulite

The procedure is actually painless because the size of a small needle and using a special anesthetic cream.

Immediately after the treatment is finished, you can go right back to work. No need to rest. The only instruction is to have to massage the treated at least three times a day for several minutes.

Treatment is repeated every week. The average maintenance required is 6 times. It varies depending on the area.

You can see directly the results after 2 to 3 times maintenance, where you'll see the skin smoother and firmer.