14 September 2011

Development of technology in medicine today is also comparable with technology developments in beauty. There are so many types of skin care that can be done periodically in the clinic. Kind also varied and tailored to the types of experiences to your skin. Here are the different types of skin care using the latest technology and sophisticated that you can choose.

1. Facial
Skin treatment treated by beautician for relaxation, circulation, and cleanse skin of blackheads.

2. Chemical Peeling
Chemical peeling is basically an exfoliation process using chemicals, which will lead to changes in the upper skin layer (epidermis) and lower skin layer (dermis).vv

Chemical peels can improve the skin through three mechanisms:
  • stimulate the growth of epidermal cell layers
  • eliminate the deeper layers of skin that have abnormalities
  • stimulate new collagen formation after the inflammatory process that accompanies the act of chemical peels
3. Photo Dynamic Therapy (Activated Light Therapy)
Light Activated Therapy / LAT used for anti-aging, enlightenment, and reduce wrinkles is Infra Red LAT and Red LAT. Meanwhile, to cope with acne can use the LAT Blue.

4. Abrassion
a. Microdermabrassion
Is an old technique that uses aluminum oxide crystals to peeling. With this tool can smooth the skin or reduce pockmarked.
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b. Jet peel
Peeling is a new technique that does not use crystal, but by using high pressure oxygen and water (physiological saline), with a speed of 200 m / sec. Jet peel used for enlightenment and oxygenation of the skin.

5. Mesotherapy
Medical action is to inject a number of special materials with mesogun. Depending on the materials used, this can Mesotherapy for anti-aging, smooths skin texture, diluting the black stain, enlightenment, and firming skin.
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