30 September 2011

Having dark underarm is really killing your confidence, especially if you want to wear a sleeveless shirt and raise a hand. Surely this will disrupt you and not good to look at instead.

Before you eliminate it, you should know some condition that caused it, the scratches caused by a blouse that is too tight pressing of the skin, excessive sweating, infection due to fault clearing armpits, shave, the buildup of dead skin cells, chemicals, alcohol and strong fragrance in deodorants.

Repeal and Shaving
Research has proven that pulling and shave the hair or underarm hair is a major cause of black underarms. Underarm skin is very thin and sensitive, for it every time you shave or pluck the armpit would cause micro abrasions. This wound will make the dark skin after recovery. You may not realize this, but you try to pour alcohol on your underarms after plucking or shaving. Your underarm skin definitely feels burning pain due to blisters.

Shaving underarm hair can also cause hair follicles to grow, so that your underarm skin becomes rough like chicken. Meanwhile, pull them out will attract the roots of the hair, leaving broken and swollen.

After giving birth, the skin in the armpits and other body parts like the neck, abdomen, and hips can be dark. This is normal because the activity of hormones in your body while pregnant allows the release of too much melanin (brown pigment that determines skin color) so that the skin in several parts of the body is experiencing hyperpigmentation or black. Hyperpigmentation can not be avoided, but generally will disappear within a few months after giving birth.

Use of Deodorant
Some deodorants that contain alcohol will cause skin allergies, irritation resulting in hyperpigmentation, which resulted in black armpit area. Therefore, you should be more selective in choosing a deodorant.


Obesity can also lead to armpit blackened, pigmentation is caused due to obesity worsens and causes some parts of the body such as neck, back of knees and blackened.

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