13 September 2011

What makes cellulite? Connective tissue that holds skin, dent the fat and therefore cause the effect of "dimpling or wavy", causing cellulite. Drugs used in Mesotherapy destroy the connective tissue bands and melt the trapped fats, resulting in the appearance of free waves and smooth. ARC treatment using multiple small injections into the fat layer of the elements that have proven fat solvent, either Carnitine or Phosphatidyl choline. Injection using the smallest needle on the market, given in the form of the grid so that for an area like the upper thigh takes about 20 small injections.
 Mesotherapy : Cocktail injection for Cellulite

The procedure is actually painless because the size of a small needle and using a special anesthetic cream.

Immediately after the treatment is finished, you can go right back to work. No need to rest. The only instruction is to have to massage the treated at least three times a day for several minutes.

Treatment is repeated every week. The average maintenance required is 6 times. It varies depending on the area.

You can see directly the results after 2 to 3 times maintenance, where you'll see the skin smoother and firmer.


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