26 October 2011

Breast Enlargement Without Surgery by Thai Breast Slap

Many ways in which to raise women's breasts. The cheapest way is using padded bra. The most expensive is perform breast implant surgery. For those who want to raise breast without surgery, much of it can be done. One of them with therapy "breast slap" of a natural health practitioner from Thailand.

Breast slap therapy was first popularized in Thailand, introduced by Khemmikka Na Songkhla, alternative beauty therapist who lives in Bangkok . This therapy is done by massaging, punching and patting or slapping the breast that is believed to enlarge women's breasts. Therapy "slap breasts' work with lifting / shifting of fat from one area to another, squeezing the excess fat to the breast.

Songkhla claimed to get that knowledge from her grandmother, who diligently massaging her breasts since she was a teenager with herbal cream and then patted it with a technique known today. "Our ancestors did not share this technique, because the first people do not care about the size of her breasts," said Songkhla, who often do therapy while swaying to the music.

For over 20 years, Khemmikka who is now aged 44 years is still active to serve patients who want to enlarge breasts in her clinic, located in Bangkok. Patients came from various ages, ranging from the 20 years until an old woman's 70-year age.

Khemmikka or also known as Khunying Tobnom is also popular in Bangkok with therapy "butt slap" and "slapped face". Each therapy is performed to tighten buttocks and face shape. For the six treatment sessions with a duration of 10 minutes in the clinic Tobnom, customers must pay about $ 380. This price is much cheaper when compared to the price of implants is the average of $5000. Therapy should only be followed by women with at least 18 years of age.

Does this technique effective? Sure, many people doubt it. According to the Independent, a study by the Ministry of Health of Thailand found that volunteers whom performed this breast slap therapy, the breasts became greater. Ministry of Health of Thailand and even sponsored a program for women to learn to slap their own breasts in order to increase the size of her breasts as an alternative to surgery or breast implants.

"If your breasts measuring 30 inches (76.2 cm) we will note with your signature. After treatment your breasts will be enlarged to 32 inches (81.2 cm). We will record and you have to sign again," explained Khemmikka. However, not all patients can perform this breast slap therapy. Khemmikka said she sometimes reject some people breasts size too small so it is difficult to be enlarged.

Another advantage of the slap is not to trigger breast swelling and inflammation in the lymph glands as well as on silicone implants. Inflammation in the lymph glands is one of the worst effects of silicone implants leaks that accumulate in the surrounding tissue and can damage the immune system.

Recognition of Thai Health Ministry to therapy Tobnom Khunying This makes these women are driven to share her knowledge to others. However, the cost of breast slap course of therapy is very expensive. Course slap the body, breast slap, and slap the face of each cost $330,000, $263,000, and $164,000.

The high cost of this course, Tobnom reasoned, because the local wisdom is very valuable. Therapy is a legacy from her grandmother, and Tobnom is the only one in the world who can practice this local wisdom. She is also restrict the course participants, and only accept 10 people as her disciples.
One of the enthusiasts of the course is a customer, who claimed her face appear more slender and more cheekbones and chin shape, after undergoing four sessions of face slapped. He decided to learn the technique because it believes that it is a natural beauty treatment.

How do patients respond?

Being slapped, of course it hurt. Similarly, the effects of this therapy. But, as the saying goes "No pain, no gain", many women are willing to hurt in order to get the desired results. And, they were satisfied with the results.

"I love it. I came here because I do not want plastic surgery. This treatment gives quick results, and safe for my body. After treatment, I do feel a bit sick, but I can stand it," said a satisfied customer.

Not only can enlarge breasts, slap therapy could also benefit the chubby face to make cheekbones and chin appear more clearly.

"I learned to slap the face because I am one million percent believe it is a natural beauty treatment," explained Khemmikka.