14 December 2011

Beware of Mole Become Cancer

Almost everyone has moles. Most people of course Supposing mole is something normal and natural. But, beware, if any strange changes in your moles. It could be a malignant melanoma, skin cancer is the most malignant. Strange changes in moles can indicate the presence of a malignant disease and the deadly skin cancer, called malignant melanoma. Number of patients with this disease is increasing every year.

Cancer cells in this disease arises from melanocytes, the skin cells that function to produce melanin pigment. Because melanin is found throughout the body, disease malignant melanoma can appear anywhere on the body. Malignant melanoma can develop from a mole. Can existing moles or new moles that appear after suffering from this disease.

Malignant melanoma can occur in anyone, but usually rare in children. Some people are more susceptible to this disease, they are:
  • People who live on the equator. Because, in this area, the sun is closer to the earth, so that the ultraviolet radiation affects the skin more easily. Moreover, equatorial regions that tend to heat, which makes people more open to choose clothes that protect skin against UV rays to be minimal. It accelerates the onset of malignant melanoma.
  • White skin, such as Caucasians are more susceptible to malignant melanoma, because the number of melanin less. In fact, melanin serves to protect the skin in order to avoid mutations that could lead to cancer. This little amount of melanin, making white people have minimal protection against UV exposure, so more potentially affected by malignant melanoma.
Causes of Skin Cancer Malignant Melanoma
There are several factors that could cause a person suffering from malignant melanoma. Among these are:
  • Genetic, malignant melanoma occurs because there is a history of the descendants or parents. History had skin cancer also makes a person more potentially exposed to a more malignant skin cancer.
  • UV radiation from sunlight can cause the appearance of malignant melanoma. If you already have a potential for malignant skin cancer, UV light will further accelerate the onset of skin cancer. Being a direct cause, malignant melanoma arises because the skin is often exposed to direct sunlight without protection in a long time. UV from the sun can damage skin, especially when the sun is hot, ie between the hours of nine in the morning until three o'clock.
Signs of Malignant Melanoma
To determine whether a mole has become cancerous or not, you can watch for signs that commonly abbreviated ABCD consisting of:
  • A = asymmetry, a freckle or mole on malignant melanoma is asymmetric. Not round exactly like ordinary moles. The longer, moles change continues to expand.
  • B = Border, roundness mole on malignant melanoma is not smoother edges, but has been irregular. Outer sphere boundary is irregular, so it looks like a jagged or uneven.
  • C = Color, Normally, brownish-black moles. But, a mole that had turned into a malignant melanoma colorful change: black, red, white, yellow, blue.
  • D = Diameter, Moles on malignant melanoma have an enlarged, generally the size of more than six millimeters in diameter.
Handling In Malignant Melanoma
If you find the signs mentioned above, consult a professional. That way, doctors can perform actions, such as:
  • Surgery, performed to remove the cancer, so as not to disturb other tissue. But, if the cancer has spread, cancer cells usually totally removed along with surrounding tissue. If very severe, lymph glands must also be removed.
  • Chemotherapy, on certain conditions, malignant melanoma can not be treated with surgery. Instead, it takes action taking chemotherapy with anticancer drugs.
  • Biological Therapy, Malignant melanoma can also be treated with biological therapies. This therapy is intended to stimulate immunity. Not cure the cancer. This expected to help extend the life expectancy of sufferers.
How to Minimize the Risk of Malignant Melanoma
To minimize the risk of malignant melanoma, do the following:
  • Watch the mole, recognizing that there are moles on your body is very useful. No need to count the number or memorize the location and measure every inch. Simply by checking once a month, if there are changes in the mole. If a mole changes such as the ABCD symptoms, itch and bleed easily if scratched, you should immediately consult a physician to ensure the kind of skin cancer or not.
  • Use Sunblock. Always apply sunblock before doing activity outside the home. Sunblock protect skin from UV exposure. Use sunblock with an SPF of 15 every 2 hours. Moderate sunblock with an SPF of 30, can be used every 4 hours.
  • Wear any protection, protecting the skin can also be done by wearing protective clothing and an umbrella and wearing a wide hat. This is to minimize the UV rays that enter the skin.

05 December 2011

SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR EYE : Revitalizing Eye Treatment

A lot of women who forget the eye area treatment. Whereas, the area around the eye including the part that is no less important to be treated. Because, that's the first part will show signs of aging. Like, the emergence of wrinkles due to dry age. It happens because the skin is the thinnest in the eye area, sensitive, and the lowest moisture content than other facial skin.

Eye muscles move 100,000 times a day at least, this is what accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and eye bags. It was not realized by women. Thus, they often forget the treatment area around the eyes.

The problem of skin around the eyes including the most difficult issues to be addressed, as must be done one by one. In contrast to the skin face and body that can be solved simultaneously.

The problem most often occurs in the skin around the eye is the eye bags, puffy eyelids, wrinkles, dark circles up. These problems can be overcome with Revitalizing eye treatment, so the eyes become more fresh.
This treatment uses phytogen serum, ie herb serum that are useful to remove dark circles around the eyes. In addition, collagen is also used for brighten the skin around the eyes.

And more important is the use of eye treatment utrasonic tool that allows you to accelerate and maximize the absorption of serum in the skin and the blood flow around the eyes. With the smooth flow of blood, eye puffiness that occurs due to fatigue or sunlight can be reduced.

Stages of Revitalizing Eye Treatment Process 

Revitalizing Eye Treatment takes about 1 - 1.5 hours. The following stages of the process:

  • Cleansing, before treatment begins, the face and the area around the eye cleaned to remove the remnants of makeup and dirt. Cleaning is done with the cleansing milk, followed by washing the face using a sponge that has been soaked in water to remove the remnants of milk cleanser.
  • Massage, after the face clean, followed by a light massage on the face and the area around the eyes. Massage done about 15 minutes, using soap cleanser. After that, the remnants of soap cleaned with a sponge soaked in water, then given a toner.
  • Application of gel, the next stage is to apply a placebo gel around the eyes. This is intended to conduct electricity before using the utrasonic eye treatment.
  • Use of Ultrasonic tool, the tool used is utrasonic eye treatment for about 30 minutes. The device also massage the area around the eyes, start from middle on the inside of the eye near the nose, to the lateral at the outer end of the eye. Massage serves to carry blood flow around the eyes. There are three main points that were treated using the ultrasonic tool. Namely, a point below the eyes to reduce swelling and swollen, the point at the medial base of the eye to reduce fatigue on the eyes, and point at the lateral that serves to reduce wrinkles in the eye.
  • Phytogen serum application, eyes cleared again, then smeared using phytogen serum or collagen. Let stand for 15 minutes to soak into the skin around the eyes. To maximize absorption phytogen serum and collagen, you should use an ultrasonic eye treatment instrument for 15 minute around the eyes.
  • Use a mask, the last step is to use an eye mask that contains green tea and cucumber extract to revitalize the skin around the eyes. Eye mask allowed to stand for 15 minutes after it is removed and cleaned.
After Revitalizing Eye Treatment - Support With Moisturizer

Besides therRevitalizing eye treatment, in daily treatment, is recommended to use a moisturizer on a regular basis. Moisturizers are used should be different for morning and evening. For the morning, the texture should be light moisturizer in a lotion or gel containing or combined with sunscreen. It is important to prevent the onset of skin aging in the eye. As for the evening, moisturizing texture can be more severe, in the form of creams, which can be combined with AHAs or retinol to accelerate the turnover of skin cells. Retinol can also lighten the appearance of dark circles under the eyes of a way to thicken the skin under the eyes.

Use must also be done properly. Namely, use after cleaning the skin around the eyes and before makeup. Except, when using a moisturizer to restore the eye of reason. Moisturizers are useful to deflate puffy eyes, used after makeup, after wearing foundation and concealer that is not removed by makeup products. As for how to use it with a tap-clap on the skin lightly. Use your little finger and ring finger, so that pressure is not too large.

Dab with a circular motion from the corner of the eye outward. Finish with clasped fingers under the eyes to stimulate the skin and maximize the absorption of moisture into the skin. Such treatments should be performed once a week or more if the conditions of eyes very tired.

01 December 2011

Why You Must Use Facial Toner ?!

Regular skin care is mandatory, especially when the weather is very hot or during the summer, skin care becomes more important. To prevent blockage of the pores by dust, oil and other impurities, the best treatment is using facial toner because facial toner has many benefits. Among them:

• Reducing the Pores Size
Put a little toner on a piece of beauty cotton and rubbed gently into the face will abolish and absorb oil and dirt on face and tightens pores.

• Balancing the pH of the Skin
The skin is basically acidic, with pH between 5 and 6. After the face washed with soap and water, skin pH balance disrupted by the alkaline nature of soap, skin pH will rise. When that happens, the skin must work hard to restore that balance. But, the use of facial toner will help restore this balance quickly and make the skin pH back to normal.

• Adding a coat of Protection
Toner can shrink pores and tighten the back bonding of skin cells after washing our face, and reduce the penetration of dirt and various other environmental contaminant into the skin. Toner can also protect the skin even with the counteract chlorine and minerals contained in water flowing in the pipes of drinking water or clean water.

• Moisturize Skin
Content of the largest toner serves as humectants, which means that this substance helps moisturize the skin.

• Refreshing Skin
Toner can also be used as a substitute for face wash when greasy or dirty. Toner will revitalize the skin, even when you're in a hurry to leave.

• Prevent Hair Grow Into
Toners containing glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids can help prevent ingrown hairs, so that also helps prevent facial skin problem.