03 January 2012

At a young age, new skin will appear to the layers of the epidermis every 28-30 days. With increasing age, the regeneration process decreases rapidly. And after the age above 50 years, the process to about 37 days. Dermis layer is a layer that is responsible for the nature of elasticity, and smooth skin. Function of food supply to the epidermal layer, and as a foundation for collagen and elastin fibers. Vitamin-C stimulates collagen production and improve the skin by increasing cell proliferation ability of dermal fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are connective tissue cells that produce collagen and elastin fibers contained section dermis.
Use of Vitamin C for Skin Care and Beauty
As a beauty treatment, vitamin C can be applied to the skin surface in the form of gels, creams, serum, or mixed in sunscreens. For serum, serum vitamin C is the most widely used.
There are two kinds of Serum Vitamin C in: L-ascorbic acid is soluble in water (water soluble) or palmitate ascorbil soluble in oil (oil soluble). The selection depends on the requirement.
The content of vitamin C serum that is used is also different:

• For the prevention of premature aging: 5% - 20%, and given gradually
• For treatment: 15% - 20%

Direct application of serum vitamin C to the skin becomes very important, because the incoming nutrients through food is not everything can be directly felt by the skin. That's why need to use vitamins topically (directly to the skin).
The benefits of serum vitamin C include:
• As a powerful antioxidant that protects skin against the negative influence of external factors such as pollution, sun, climate, air conditioning, cigarette smoke, etc.)
• Stimulate the formation of skin collagen, which will maintain suppleness, elasticity and smoothness of skin (anti-wrinkle & anti aging / wrinkle)
• Brighten the skin, without adverse side effects. With vitamin C naturally brighter skin
• Water holder
• Create a skin does not dry and moist
• Wound healing
• Treatment with serum vitamin C before laser action, will accelerate and refine the results of post-laser
• By its nature that stimulates collagen formation under the skin, serum vitamin C is very well used in people who have very thick spots on the skin
Disadvantages of the use of Vitamin C serum for skin care :
• Usually the serum vitamin C will cause a little pain in the skin for people who are not familiar
• Its very easy to change at room temperature, especially vitamin C pure. Vitamin C is more durable is usually mixed with zinc, other materials, or indeed the form of vitamin C from there it is already stable (eg L-ascorbic acid). Therefore, serum vitamin C is usually packaged in small brown bottles, that are not easily oxidized.
Usage Instructions
• Clean your face first with cleanser, so that the serum absorption process is more effective and faster.
• Put 3-4 drops into palm of hand or finger, rub the whole or part of the facial skin surface to the limit of the neck evenly. Especially in the area commonly observed lines of aging / wrinkles, such as around the eyes (crow's feet), the tip of the eyes, and forehead.
• When the perceived lack of repeat once again.
• Time use: morning, afternoon and evening / night
• Results more leverage when used regularly.
• Avoid contact with eyelashes or eyebrows

With regular usage patterns, effective results will be seen around 8-12 weeks. Use of vitamin C instead of museums for the case of temporary (provisional) for the regeneration of the skin continue to experience to senior citizens. The more we age, collagen as one of the components of the dermis of skin cells experienced a significant degradation process. The signs of aging will be obvious, in addition to reduced skin elasticity.


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